Cultivating Emotional & Physical Balance Series


These workshops encourage people to deal with all aspects of their pain and injury - both the physical and emotional impact. This is not a workshop that emphasizes specific physical exercises, but instead focuses on healing emotional trauma, of any injury or chronic pain first, and then using knowledge of muscles and anatomy to heal the body. The goal of this series is to cultivate emotional and physical balance with the over-all body. Erica wants to teach people to experience joy in physical movements (instead of focusing on limitations) and joy in the life and body they have. To also better understand why their injury happened and what they can do to prevent injuries in the future. Erica designed these workshops for people wanting to deepen their understanding of their body/injury and for movement professionals needing guidance with teaching to clients dealing with chronic pain and injuries.


Back Injuries and Conditions

Shoulder/Neck Injuries and Conditions

Knee/Hip Injuries and Conditions

*Scoliosis for Adolescents 

*Since being diagnosed at age 11 with Scoliosis, Erica has always wanted to help other adolescents. This focus is suitable for adolescents with scoliosis who want to learn more about their body and movement professionals that want to work with adolescents. It teaches movement professionals how to nurture, educate, and grow the understanding and importance of acknowledging the emotional impact of rehabbing Scoliosis in adolescents. Erica based this focus on her work for a year with a 17-year-old female with Scoliosis and her rehabilitation process after undergoing Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT) surgery.

Fascia & Yin Yoga Workshop

Restore & Revive: A Yin & Fascia Release Workshop


90-Minute Workshop


Restore and revive your body in this 90-minute workshop. Fascia surrounds our muscles, organs, and bones, and gives our bodies their structural shape. By releasing fascia, we can ease chronic pain caused by injuries, and repetitive muscle strain as well as prevent injuries. When you release fascia, it restores the body and allows direct access to muscles that bring the body back into its natural alignment. Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body; the tendons, fascia, and ligaments to increase circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.


In this workshop series, we will begin with 30 minutes of Myo-fascial release with a tennis or massage ball. After we will have a traditional 60-minute yin yoga class. Yin Yoga is a slow, meditative style of yoga where postures are held for several minutes at a time, so you can access deep tissues, such as the connective tissue and the fascia. Many of the postures focus on areas that involve joints such as the hips and shoulders.


After this workshop, your body will feel more open and aligned, and you will have learned simple techniques to incorporate into your personal practice.

Maximizing Your Day Using Your Natural Circadian Rhythm and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Workshop for anyone struggling with creating a routine, losing weight, struggling with fatigue, brain fog or insomnia or anyone just feeling unmotivated.


I have been a nomad for several years and truly struggled in the beginning with not having everyday rituals and the constant pressure of different time zones weekly. By using Ayurvedic techniques and studying circadian rhythm I started to implement this knowledge and noticed changes within 2 weeks! Circadian rhythms are our internal clocks that tell our bodies when to get up, eat and sleep throughout a 24-hour cycles. By combining this with Ayurveda I was able to enhance my productivity and maximize my day using simple techniques




Ayurveda Morning Rituals


How to optimize circadian biology to find the best work windows to be alert, calm, and focused

Utilizing micro breaks and walks in nature


Using different foods and eating windows during the day to improve focus, clarity of thinking, motivation, and creativity

Breathwork for energy, stress relief, and insomnia