Growing up with food allergies and unhealthy food anxiety in my teen years began to take a toll on my body. In my mid-twenties, I began to develop auto-immune issues which prompted me to look for alternate ways to have a healthier balance in my life.  Through my research, I found many studies that focused on the connection between the human body and the importance of healthy, functional foods. By developing and reframing a positive, open approach to nutrition and furthering my studies by becoming a Functional Nutrition Guide I finally found peace, fulfillment and balance – physically and mentally.

I think that strength, health and confidence all begin with the food we put in our mouth. My Wellness Program is for everyone on this planet. For those battling health and auto-immune conditions, recovering from injuries or surgery, losing/gaining weight, food allergies, pregnancy/postpartum, emotional eating, food anxiety, and for anyone wanting to establish a lifelong healthy eating plan.

I want to help you navigate the world of confusing nutrition and health advice in order to determine what choices are beneficial for you and your lifestyle. I am not a believer in diets or "short-term" fixes. I will guide you on making well-balanced food choices for your life. I also believe that everybody is different, and I will truly take the time to understand your body and lifestyle to create the best plan for you. 

Green Goodness


In this 90 minute consult, we will go over past medical history, current health struggles and goals you have for yourself. After this consult, I will make a plan based on what we have discussed and will be implemented over future sessions.

Healthy Food


A follow-up session tailored to your specific health needs. 60 minutes


I met Erica while taking her Pilates class in Bali.  We got to chatting after class and I instantly noticed her enthusiasm and passion for helping others by sharing her knowledge and experience in health and wellness.  She shared with me some of her history in injury and I was immediately drawn to her. Learning by textbook is one thing, but learning by experience is another. I was also drawn by her organic approach to exercise by listening to the body and what it needs, not pushing and pushing to get the aesthetic results....which is what I was so used to doing prior to working with her. During our sessions, I found her to be intuitive, present and knowledgeable and I loved the way she let the conversation flow to where it needed to go.  I always left our meeting's learning MUCH more than I anticipated I would and with a new found enthusiasm for my OWN health and skills to get the ball rolling. She completely customized a health program for me that focused on the root of my concerns and I felt supported and balanced as I began this new journey. I have seen many health and wellness coaches and I genuinely find Erica to be one of the best. -Natasha

When I sought Erica’s nutritional services, I was coming off of three months on Keto, and to be honest, I felt terrible. I had success on Keto, but it was marginalized compared to the side effects I was feeling. Under Erica’s guidance, we were able to find supplements to offset some of the side effects and put me on a path for long-term success under a clean (but still flexible) plan. I found that her list of prescribed foods on a weekly basis made cooking fun again, and I learned to appreciate the nutritional benefits of my new diet. My skin is glowing again, I don’t feel lethargic or swollen anymore, and I can’t thank Erica enough for putting me on a sustainable life path with food. -Vanessa

I was referred to Erica by a friend to see if she could help me with an old torn labrum shoulder injury that was still bothersome at times.  We met several times and discussed my goals and she put together a comprehensive plan that addressed the injury plus other goals of mine, including weight loss and help with nutrition.  She is a patient teacher and I felt like she truly listened to me and wanted me to succeed. The exercises she showed me have helped my shoulder strength and pain and the nutrition plan has resulted in some weight loss but more importantly overall better health. -Wade