I believe everyone should be able to enjoy movement sessions regardless of busy schedules and travel. Which is why I offer many options. If my schedule allows, and I am available, I will travel for clients.


Zoom: All you will need is a phone, iPad or laptop with a camera. 

Studio: I work with you in person.

In-Homes: I come to your home or business. 


*Group & Corporate Pricing available. Please contact me to book*



In this 90-minute consult, I will listen to your requests (and concerns), and truly get to know you and the goals you are wanting to achieve. We will spend the first 30 minutes going over past medical history, goals you are wanting to achieve, and just me getting to know you. The remaining 60 minutes will be movement based so I can see your body perform and make a plan based on what I see for future sessions.

You will receive a safe, tailored session truly dedicated to your body and needs. I strike a beautiful balance of guiding you gently and yet pushing and teaching you to listen to their body. You will grow in strength, flexibility, tone and receive a great work out on all levels with intention and purpose.  Sessions will always be dynamic, soothing and an attainably challenging sequence perfectly catered to requests. I put so much care and consideration into each session and I want my clients to be excited and eagerly waiting for the next session. 



A follow-up movement session tailored to your specific needs. 60 minutes.


A Tower of Stones

In this 30 minute session I will guide you in a meditation to help you experience calmness and peace, and deeper parts of your own self. 

We can also touch on any of the following:

Meditation instruction
Sitting comfortably in meditation
Making the habit of meditation
Deepening your meditation practice

Private Pilates classes with Erica are fun, challenging and very rewarding. She has extensive knowledge of anatomy, best practices and is always up for experimenting with new things. As a male in his mid 30s, who only does HIIT cardio/weights otherwise, with Erica I’ve improved my movement patterns, gained strength in muscles long forgotten and improved my posture considerably.


I started seeing Erica as part of my postpartum recovery. She always knew how to give me a great workout, while being mindful of my specific condition and needs. Once we got further along, she definitely kicked my butt into shape. I love how Pilates can seem gentle and restorative at the time, but is sneakily effective! Now I’m expecting my second baby, and Erica has been wonderful at supporting me through an embryo transfer and the 1st two trimesters so far. Erica is so fun – great at distracting/entertaining you during tough reps! I love my sessions with her and am so pleased with the results I get from Pilates. I also love the fact that I am able to work with her in person and via Zoom. When she is teaching me through Zoom it’s almost as good as her being there in person. I consistently feel supported and challenged by the sessions we do via Zoom, and this has allowed me to continue seeing her on a weekly basis.


Thank you, Erica, for your help.  You have made me feel comfortable and very happy with my progress. I would never have believed that I could do Pilates but thanks to your knowledge and patience I have succeeded. My leg that was affected by Polio now has much more movement and is stronger than before.


Of all the Pilates instructors, yoga teachers, and physical therapists I have worked with, I can honestly say that Erica is hands down the best.  Since coming to her two years ago with a knee injury and the body ailments of a new(ish) mother of two, I am stronger, more flexible, and possess much greater postural awareness. Erica has an amazing breadth of knowledge when it comes to the human body and it's inner workings - she can tell as soon as I walk into the studio which muscles need to be engaged or released just by looking at me.  Her eye for proper body alignment is unparalleled, and she is very body-positive and truly focused on the health of your body.  Sessions with Erica are fun yet challenging, and she never takes herself too seriously.  She offers the perfect balance of chatting and exercising, without wasting the entire session talking instead of working out.  Even if I'm feeling under the weather I make a commitment to be at our session because I know that both my body and my mind will feel better when I leave. Between her dedication to her clients and her depth of knowledge, Erica is the real deal.