I believe everyone should be able to enjoy movement sessions regardless of busy schedules and travel. Which is why I offer online one-on-one sessions. You will receive a safe, tailored session truly dedicated to your body and needs


All you will need is a phone, iPad or laptop with a camera.

I began struggling with severe SI and back pain four years ago, to the point where I could only sit for a few minutes at a time, and needed pain-killers for long car and plane rides. I tried physical therapy and sports chiropractors, to no avail. I began pilates group classes and started to feel better, but kept re-injuring myself, creating a very inconsistent work-out regime. It was a terrible rollercoaster, physically and mentally! I then began private pilates classes which helped immensely, and I found an amazing masseuse, which was also key. Still, my pain lingered. It wasn’t until I found Erica that I began to consistently feel strong and pain-free. Erica knows exactly how to train my body, through strengthening, re-aligning, and protecting my SI joint. (The root of my evils!) With Erica having immense knowledge of the spine, through her own personal injury, she can take one look at me and can spot what issues need to be worked on right then. Erica is top-notch in her field and has many layers within her expertise. We are now evaluating my diet and hormones and Erica has provided me with the supplements and foods catered to me, specifically. I truly enjoy working with Erica, she is a gift. We have fun, and I leave with a smile on my face!



This session is for anyone who wants to improve their range of motion, flexibility, and grow in strength. It’s a full body workout based on traditional Pilates and yoga exercises, and functional corrective movements. We will use resistance-based, and low-impact movements to strengthen, energize and sculpt your body – especially those hard-to-reach muscles!


You will leave the session feeling energized, lengthened, and stronger.
This session can be done with body weight and a mat or can use props. Ideal props are a soft or semi-soft ball (tennis ball is great), foam roller, bands, and hand weights.
*This can include many special populations such as spinal conditions, pre-post/natal, chronic pain or illness, osteoporosis, and neurological disorders

Practicing Yoga

Of all the Pilates instructors, yoga teachers, and physical therapists I have worked with, I can honestly say that Erica is hands down the best.  Since coming to her two years ago with a knee injury and the body ailments of a new(ish) mother of two, I am stronger, more flexible, and possess much greater postural awareness. Erica has an amazing breadth of knowledge when it comes to the human body and it's inner workings - she can tell as soon as I walk into the studio which muscles need to be engaged or released just by looking at me.  Her eye for proper body alignment is unparalleled, and she is very body-positive and truly focused on the health of your body.  Sessions with Erica are fun yet challenging, and she never takes herself too seriously.  She offers the perfect balance of chatting and exercising, without wasting the entire session talking instead of working out.  Even if I'm feeling under the weather I make a commitment to be at our session because I know that both my body and my mind will feel better when I leave. Between her dedication to her clients and her depth of knowledge, Erica is the real deal.


Online Meditation


Curious about meditation and breathwork?


This 30 minute session is an introduction to the practices of meditation and breathwork. Breathwork is an active meditation that uses your physical breath as a focal point to calm your mind, strengthen your awareness, reduce stress, and boost your immunity.


I will teach you practices you can use on your own and you will leave the session feeling calm and at peace, and with a deeper awareness of thyself.


In this session, we will also touch on sitting comfortably in meditation, making the habit of meditation, and how to deepen your meditation practice over time.



A customized program that includes movement, meditation, and wellness to support you on your path towards radical healing and transformation.  If you are looking for a big change and ready to transform your body and mind, this is the program for you.

What is included:


  • 12 private sessions of your choice (movement, meditation/breathwork, or wellness)

  • 1 custom tailored recorded exercise video​

  • 24/7 email support

Yoga Mats


A 60-minute recorded exercise video specifically created for you and your needs. Includes a 30 minute call where we will discuss your needs and concerns. 



*Current clients $50


Having been a competitive as well as casual runner and swimmer, I found myself dissatisfied with the limitations of my body following rotator cuff surgery. The ultimate insult was the double mastectomy. Although I could still walk and do a little jogging, my balance and flexibility was compromised. Erica’s skill at working to overcome injuries has made Pilates a joy. I have grown stronger; the stretching has also benefited my balance, flexibility and posture. I only wish I had met Erica years ago. 


Private Pilates classes with Erica are fun, challenging and very rewarding. She has extensive knowledge of anatomy, best practices and is always up for experimenting with new things. As a male in his mid 30s, who only does HIIT cardio/weights otherwise, with Erica I’ve improved my movement patterns, gained strength in muscles long forgotten and improved my posture considerably. 


Thank you, Erica, for your help.  You have made me feel comfortable and very happy with my progress. I would never have believed that I could do Pilates but thanks to your knowledge and patience I have succeeded. My leg that was affected by Polio now has much more movement and is stronger than before.