6 Month Program

At the beginning of my Pilates career, I noticed that my in-depth study of Anatomy and Psychology enhanced my class preparations and client sessions in a very positive way. The more information I had at my disposal enabled me to become a more confident Pilates Instructor. I soon realized that others might be searching for ways to deepen their understanding of human anatomy and designing client sessions.

My Apprenticeship Program is a 6-month intense study focusing on Anatomy and is geared toward the education of the many types of body injuries you might see as an Instructor. Although this program is designed for Instructors, it can be tailored to individuals who want to deepen their anatomy knowledge and injury education. The main purpose of this program is to equip instructors with the tools needed to provide the best workout  & experience for their clients. Emphasis and expertise in body anatomy and movement enables an instructor (or individual) to understand injuries on a deeper level - thus providing a better outcome. Through this Program, an Instructor (or individual) gains knowledge, techniques and more confidence in their dealings with their clients.

I write with great confidence and enthusiasm regarding the recommendation of Erica Breen. As the first student to join her apprenticeship program, I came to not only know her as a teacher, but as a caring individual who wants to share her knowledge with those who want to learn! What originally drew me to Erica’s apprenticeship program was her passion, diligent work ethic, organized nature, and personality. Erica designed her apprenticeship program in a format that is easy to follow and actually makes sense! I truly appreciated the time she dedicated to making each of the lessons enjoyable throughout the program. Each lesson included; images, easy to read verbiage, activities, videos, and summaries. Throughout the process, Erica held me accountable to stay on top of my studies and homework. This was much needed at times when I felt like giving up! She also encouraged me to ask questions and dive deeper into each section. In conclusion, I found the apprenticeship program to be a success and a positive influence to my Pilates studies. I look forward to continuously using everything I learned on a daily basis as a Pilates Instructor!  -Jaci


Pay in Full = $2500 

Half Installments = $1275 due at beginning of program. $1275 due at 3-month mark. 

Monthly = $433 by the 1st of every month


*An interested individual is given a Pre-Assessment Form at the beginning so that the Apprenticeship Program can be planned for their specific interest and goals (ex. enhanced teaching methods, deeper body injury analysis, etc.) The Program consists of weekly meetings and assignments with a Final Project due at the end of the program.

Required hours:

•          Personal Observation – 60 hours (10 hours per month. Videos on PA, Alo Moves, classes/sessions or lectures you observe)

•          Mentor Session Observation/Feedback – 20 hours

•          Private Session with Erica – 6 sessions (one per month included with tuition.)

•          Lecture - Three hours per week. More could be added at Erica's discretion.

•          Month 1 

           -Biopsychosocial Model and anatomy and movement basics

•          Month 2

            -Spine Anatomy & Injuries

            -Head and Neck Anatomy and Injuries

•          Month 3 

           -Anatomy and Injuries of Upper Torso


•          Month 4  

            -Anatomy and Injuries of Lower Torso


•          Month 5 

            -Injuries and special conditions in depth

•          Month 6 

            -Test Out

            -Final Project

            -Career Charting


                    *Upon completion of program Erica will write student a recommendation letter.