Scoliosis Spine


I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at age 11 and suffered a shoulder and spine injury in my early twenties. I went from being an active 23-year old to having frozen shoulder and limited mobility on the right side of my body. I was told I needed surgery to “fix” my spine or I would be facing a life of pain and limitations. While surgery can be beneficial and necessary in many cases, at 23 I was not ready for that solution.  Instead, I spent the next few years rehabbing my body through Pilates, yoga, and physical therapy while researching and attending any injury specialization or anatomy course I could find. Although I soon learned that just physically “fixing” my body was not going to return me to the life I had previously enjoyed. I discovered that it was equally important for me to understand the emotional impact of my injuries and the anger and frustrations with my body’s limitations.

At age 28, I decided to change my life and truly dedicated myself to “balancing” my body – mentally, physically and emotionally. Through my research into injury rehabilitation and psychology, I realized my passion for studying human anatomy and my continuing desire to deepen my understanding of the emotional trauma that stems from life-changing injuries. For me, it is using the pain and anger from an injury and transforming it into a deeper understanding of the wonders and limitations of the body. I believe life is meant to be simple. To look for joy in everyday moments, celebrate the small victories, and to never take things too seriously.