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Erica is a life-long mover and forever student. She initially pursued Pilates & Yoga because she loved the method and job flexibility. During her training, her mindset changed after suffering several injuries and experiencing first-hand how movement can help the body overcome injury and pain.  The success Erica had with this rehabilitation changed the way she moved her body, her outlook on life and subsequently her career path.


As a qualified instructor, Erica is deeply invested in learning each of her client’s physical needs and emotional challenges they face with their body. Erica has continued to undertake professional development courses to increase her understanding of the human body and how to achieve the best results for her clients. Erica’s area of expertise includes Pilates, yoga, wellness coaching, functional nutrition, psychology, and numerous rehabilitation workshops.


Erica has an amazing breadth of knowledge when it comes to the human body and its inner workings. Her training and own experience has fine-tuned her eye for understanding, detail and application. Erica is body-positive and her eye for proper body alignment is unparallel. She employs knowledge, drive and creativity in all of her classes. She encourages clients to have fun with movement and what the body can achieve in a safe environment. Erica loves teaching classes that leave clients feeling strong and positive about life.

She is thrilled to be able to offer Zoom sessions and have the ability to travel and work with clients. An avid traveler, Erica has worked in studios across the globe and welcomes any opportunity.

Erica Breen is a highly knowledgeable and professional Pilates instructor, with a friendly and focused teaching style that will help you achieve better results.  For the last seven years, I’ve experienced chronic pain that has limited my participation in Pilates and other activities, resulting in decreased fitness and ability.  I’ve tried to attend classes in many places around the world and have never before found an instructor who not only understands the mechanics of how my muscles work, but has an endless supply of exercises and ideas to get me working and moving, pain free.  I travel a lot for my work, so am lucky Erica’s also a fantastic online instructor, with her Zoom-based sessions allowing me to maintain my routine wherever I am.  Since starting to work with Erica, my range of movement has increased dramatically and she’s shared with me knowledge about how and why the exercises work, so I can understand my own movements. Her genuine empathy and accepting approach is refreshing and motivating; I have no hesitation in highly recommending Erica’s work.

I have extensive experience with a plethora of therapies and practitioners/therapists, Erica is something special.  I was born with cerebral palsy and doctors doubted that I would ever walk.  Thankfully, they missed the mark.  I was a captain of my high school football team and have completed multiple 5k races.  In 2018, I had an unexpected exploratory laparotomy during which my pancreas was cut and I went from a healthy 180 lbs down to 135 lbs while being bedridden in ICU for over a month.  I am currently reteaching myself how to walk without crutches as I had grown accustomed to before the surgery.  This round of rehab has been daunting and at times has caused me to feel sorry for myself in a way that I had never felt before, but it also has taught me a lot about my body that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.  Erica’s life long experience with Scoliosis in addition to her additional back injuries seems to have given her the ability to empathize on a level that no one else has in my experience.  Working with someone who seems to know what you are up against has always led to better results in all aspects of my life, and rehabilitation is usually lacking on this front.  Erica employs knowledge, drive, and creativity almost effortlessly and she is truly an asset to my recovery and a joy to work with.



I began struggling with severe SI and back pain four years ago, to the point where I could only sit for a few minutes at a time, and needed pain-killers for long car and plane rides. I tried physical therapy and sports chiropractors, to no avail. I began pilates group classes and started to feel better, but kept re-injuring myself, creating a very inconsistent work-out regime. It was a terrible rollercoaster, physically and mentally! I then began private pilates classes which helped immensely, and I found an amazing masseuse, which was also key. Still, my pain lingered. It wasn’t until I found Erica that I began to consistently feel strong and pain-free. Erica knows exactly how to train my body, through strengthening, re-aligning, and protecting my SI joint. (The root of my evils!) With Erica having immense knowledge of the spine, through her own personal injury, she can take one look at me and can spot what issues need to be worked on right then. Erica is top-notch in her field and has many layers within her expertise. We are now evaluating my diet and hormones and Erica has provided me with the supplements and foods catered to me, specifically. I truly enjoy working with Erica, she is a gift. We have fun, and I leave with a smile on my face!

I've been taking private lessons from Erica for many years. As someone who's had chronic back pain for 15+ years, Pilates (and especially my workouts with Erica) has truly helped me gain core strength and decrease my pain. Erica provided safe, individualized workouts for me when I was pregnant and after I gave birth. The time I spend working out with Erica is one of the best things that I do for my physical and mental health. It's the best kind of self-care. Erica is a kind, organized, reliable person who truly cares about her clients. She's both a teacher and a friend. I would highly recommend Erica for anyone interested in experiencing the benefits of Pilates.